Booking terms & conditions

Booking terms & conditions

Kaiseki and Lunch Gozen meal

Full pre-payment required

We require you to full pre-pay for each guest’s Kaiseki or Lunch Gozen meal. This covers your food bill only, drinks and service fees (15%) are chargeable on the day.


Bookings are refundable by giving 48 hours notice to cancel.

Kaiseki cancellation A £50 admin fee is payable for each guest cancellation.

Lunch Gozen meal cancellation A £20 admin fee is payable for each guest cancellation.

  • We will ask you to full pre-pay for each guest’s Kaiseki or Lunch Gozen meal.
    The prepayment covers the food but not your drinks or service charge (15 %), you will need to pay for these when you dine.
  • All bookings are refundable up to 48 hours before you dine. To amend or cancel your booking with us, please inform us by email. However, you will be subject to an administration fee of of £50 Kaiseki and £20 Lunch Gozen meal for each person cancelling and the reduction in the number of guests.

    【※※We’re proud of that we have run our business more than 10 years aiming to deliver Japanese hospitality ‘Omotenashi’ as Japanese. Hence, if you are unable to dine here for any reason with less than 48 hours cancellation notice prior to your booking date, please contact us by email immediately ’’. We will try to find another booking date for you but we can’t guarantee re-schedule when you contact us less than 36 hours prior to your booking date.※※】
  • We can’t take Kaiseki and Lunch Gozen meal bookings on the same day sorry. We start to manage ingredients and make preparations for your menu before you visit once you book. We’d like to respect our many supporters (including lots of suppliers) and keep all ingredients fresh for all guests.
  • Once you’ve filled out our reservation request form we’ll send you a Kaiseki or Lunch Gozen meal full pre-payment link in order to secure your space.
  • We don’t cater for food allergies and intolerances as a rule, especially gluten free (including soy sauce), vegetarian, no shellfish and no raw fish are impossible to express Kaiseki Chef Makoto’s authentic Kaiseki cuisine properly. Please get in touch with us before you book to discuss any requirements your party might have and we will try our best to help. But we’re afraid that we can’t guarantee because of cross contamination risk.
  • Kaiseki and Lunch Gozen meal is limited to only 8 guests during our business operating hours.(Most of the days is 6 guests only.)
    Kaiseki will take around 3 hours.
    We will not start serving meals with other parties and rush you with other parties to keep eating pace and for the next booking time slot. Please enjoy your special Kaiseki experience and very relax with your comfortable time management like your friend’s living room.
    We can serve Kaiseki or Lunch Gozen meal to 2 guests-8 guests(1 party).
    Only 1 guest and More than 8 guests(1 party) please contact us by email.
  • Chef doesn’t cook in front of guests. We’re a Kaiseki restaurant not Sushi Omakase and Kappo restaurant. This way is pretty common at authentic Kaiseki restaurants in Japan.
  • Please notice that we don’t have a kid’s menu.
  • Please no cameras or photographs or video recording, except smartphone photographs of your meal. Please just very relax and enjoy Kaiseki chef Makoto’s cuisine!